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Co-learning with brunchwork is a framework for business education that’s more relevant, more flexible, and more cost-effective than the traditional higher-ed model.

– Fast Company

brunchwork is saving the millennial workforce – one mimosa at a time.

– Business Insider

This is collaborative learning. It helps build communication skills, cultural awareness and critical thinking, and it’s gaining popularity while interest in traditional MBAs declines.

– NY Post

Member testimonials


Andrew Yang

2020 Presidential Candidate

Howard Morgan

First Round Capital cofounder

Sallie Krawchek

Ellevest cofounder

Trevor Blackwell

Y Combinator cofounder

Graham Stanton

Peloton cofounder

Mike Maples Jr

Floodgate Partner

Aaron Bay Schuck

Warner Bros Records CEO

Lo Bosworth

Love Wellness founder

Alexa von Tobel

Inspired Capital founder

Julie Wainwright

The RealReal cofounder

Common Questions

Who benefits most from brunchwork?
We’re split evenly between

  • Rising business & tech execs, working across functions at the world’s top companies. Many companies cover brunchwork membership as continuing education.
  • Start-up founders at the pre-seed and seed level

Most of our members are in their 20s and 30s, but we have long-time members at different age groups. It’s a diverse membership, split evenly by gender.

What will I gain from brunchwork?

We deliver the value of an MBA at a fraction of the time and cost.

  • Rising execs: Gain knowledge of key trends in the innovation economy (FinTech, health tech, prop tech, etc.), leadership training (presentation, negotiation, team management, etc.), and a robust network of smart peers & business leaders.
  • Founders: Sharpen your pitching skills and business acumen. Gain a deeper understanding of your industry and a robust network of peers, investors & operators.
I’ve been getting emails about random webinars and meetups. How is brunchwork different?
We’re a league above. brunchwork is an intimate and interactive experience. You’re not a passive listener at brunchwork. The experience is intimate enough so you actually get to interact with your peers and the speakers.

The business challenge is a big part of our experience. You’ll work in a small, curated team on a business case & get real time feedback from the speakers. A business case can be positioning Peloton’s brand strategy for the current crisis, brainstorming an idea for a new music platform, or exploring innovative models for startup accelerators – and getting feedback from leadership at Peloton/Spotify/Techstars respectively.

Will “at home” events continue after COVID-19?
Yes. The virtual program has been very well received and we will continue with a virtual track, even when live experiences resume.

We have hosted in-person experiences in NY, SF & LA for many years. More cities are in the works! If you join now as a virtual member, you can transition to an in-person membership when the events resume.