Build your business acumen

Develop 8 business skills through sophisticated projects. Learn from top business leaders, expand your network and skill up. Next cohorts start on September 28.

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Transform from a passive consumer of business knowledge to an active business leader. Learn a proven approach for validating, prototyping, modeling, marketing, selling and presenting business concepts. Your capstone presentation will serve as a demonstration of your business acumen skills to leverage when you’re up for a promotion, interviewing for a job, or starting your own company.

Our Advantage

Engaging & interactive. No lectures

Expert knowledge from top business leaders

Designed for busy professionals

Our Curriculum

Learn the practical skills you need to succeed in a business career. 
Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a verified certificate of participation.


  • Business models & metrics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market sizing analysis
  • The McKinsey style
  • Accounting
  • Financial statements
  • Key financial metrics
  • P&L models
  • Valuation analysis

Marketing / Branding

  • Branding frameworks + exercises
  • Web site set-up + design fundamentals
  • Early-stage marketing overview
  • Paid marketing overview


  • The art of the approach
  • Master the sales conversation
  • Sales incentives
  • Building sales teams


  • 3 main pricing methods
  • Packaging
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Behavioral science of pricing


  • Influence in business
  • Presentation strategies
  • Storytelling for business

How It Works

The Intensive is a part-time program for busy professionals. At the workshops, you’ll participate in discussions and case studies, present your projects for feedback, and get questions answered. You will spend 6 to 10 hours total per week on the readings and projects, and 1.5 to 3 hours in weekend workshops. You can choose to come to one or both workshops each weekend.


Sam E.

Product Manager
“I was able to leverage the presentation workshop material from brunchwork to secure resources for a high pressure new development. brunchwork helped me set a new benchmark for the quality of my presentation and research abilities.”

Ruben R.

Finance Analyst
“brunchwork is doing so many things well. From the curation of members, to the curriculum, to making our workshops fun and high-energy. Overall, I am so impressed, happy and thankful to be part of this.”

Ngozi L.

“I was able to gain the same useful knowledge that MBA students are spending a lot more on while also building a network full of interesting motivated colleagues. I also felt that I was able to learn more relevant information that will transfer into my career compared to MBA students.”

Product Hunt


Seyi A.

Marketing Specialist
“brunchwork took me to another level. I feel that I have a deeper knowledge of how businesses run from end to end. I didn’t expect it to be that much fun! I looked forward to the class every weekend!”

Josh D.

Senior Media Analyst
“brunchwork did a phenomenal job facilitating the course. There was a good balance between learning the material and opportunities to put it into practice.”

Maria K.

“I got into a local Venture Building program. During the interview, I applied what I learned from brunchwork. The brunchwork course material helped me get into this program. I love that the business concepts were explained in such a simple way.”

Caitlin A.

“brunchwork has top notch speaker selection and community. The topics are always relevant and thought provoking. I learn more here than I did in any school course.”

Olivia H.

Account executive
“I challenged myself, learned from others, and grew a really great network of professionals I’m confident I can lean on in he future. It was truly a powerful and expanding experience and would highly recommend it to others.”


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$1649 $1875

8-part syllabus
14 live video sessions
8 hands-on projects
1 capstone portfolio
Expert workshops via 3-mo education
Member-only online group




8-part syllabus
14 live video sessions
8 hands-on projects
1 capstone portfolio
Expert workshops via 6-mo education
Member-only online group
2 Private office hours

Meet The Curators

Paulina Karpis

Creator of Co-learning

Paulina is the cofounder of brunchwork and creator of the co-learning model of education. Read her popular Forbes piece on the future of business education.

Jon Levy

Behaviorist & NYT Bestselling Author

Jon is a behavioral scientist, superconnector, and author, best known for his work in the fields of influence and community/customer engagement. Jon is affiliated with C-Lab and specializes in applying research to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement, and product development. Jon founded The Influencers and brunchwork. Watch his TED Talk.

Past Speakers

Trevor Blackwell

Y Combinator cofounder

Alana Mayo

Outliers Society Head
of Production

Sallie Krawchek

Y Combinator cofounder

David Sacks

Craft Ventures founder

Scott Belsky

Adobe CPO

Mike Maples Jr

Floodgate Partner

Aaron Bay Schuck

Warner Bros Records CEO

Arlan Hamilton

Backstage Capital founder

Graham Stanton

Peloton cofounder

Andrew Yang

2020 Presidential Candidate