Build your business acumen.

Develop 8 business skills through sophisticated projects. Learn from top business leaders, expand your network and skill up. Next cohorts start on Mar 20 and May 15.

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Build your business acumen.

Develop 8 business skills through sophisticated projects. Learn from top business leaders, expand your network and skill up. Next cohorts start on Jan 23 and Mar 20.

Class Preview



Learn a proven approach for validating, prototyping, modeling, marketing, selling and presenting business concepts. You will:

  • Refine and test a business concept
  • Run a market sizing, revenue growth and competitor analysis
  • Create a McKinsey-caliber presentation
  • Analyze a 10-K report
  • Develop a brand strategy
  • Build a no-code website
  • Conduct user interviews
  • Develop and execute a marketing and sales plan
  • Pitch a business idea with conviction and charisma

Your capstone presentation will serve as a demonstration of your skills to leverage when you’re up for a promotion, interviewing for a job, or starting your own company.

The material is just as relevant for rising business executives as it is for entrepreneurs. By the end of this program, you will transform from a passive consumer of business knowledge to an active business leader with a well-rounded skillset.


Engaging and interactive. No lectures.


Expert knowledge from top business leaders.


Designed for busy professionals.


Is this online business class for you?

Our business class is designed for a range of professionals: engineers, financial analysts, data scientists, marketers, new product managers, early stage entrepreneurs, professionals with a passion project on the side. This class is for you if you want to:

  • Boost your business confidence and credibility
  • Develop a well-rounded business skillset
  • Hone executive skills
  • Adapt a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset
  • Short circuit years of learning

what’s included?

You will develop and refine 8 critical business skills through live discussions, hands-on projects and rigorous feedback.

These are NOT pre-recorded, lecture-based webinars. Instead, you will experience a “flipped classroom” and active learning:

16 interactive, live video sessions led by expert instructors

8-part syllabus with curated study material


8 hands-on projects that reinforce key concepts


6 professional models and presentation templates


Office Hours for individual attention and feedback


Weekly speakers, representing the world’s top business leaders


8 Core Business Skills

You will develop a strong foundation in 8 core business skills:

  • Strategy & Finance
  • Pricing
  • Web development
  • Communication & Presentation
  • Sales & Influence
  • Customer research
  • Marketing
  • Branding

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You will spend 6 to 10 hours total per week on the readings and projects, and 1.5 to 3 hours in weekend workshops. You can choose to come to one or both workshops each weekend. The Intensive is a part-time program for busy professionals.

At the workshops, you’ll participate in discussions and case studies, present your projects for feedback, and get questions answered.


We have the highest reviews and engagement in the industry.

“I’ve joined a lot of learning sessions over the shutdown and nothing has even come close to the brunchwork experience. The brunchwork team does an incredible job of giving great content, creating a truly interactive experience, and creating useful and valuable resources. I highly highly highly recommend… I love it!”
Product marketer Cat B


Early Bird Pricing: Apply early for a 10% discount.



  • 8-part syllabus
  • 16 live video sessions
  • 8 hands-on projects
  • 1 capstone portfolio
  • Expert guest workshops via 6-mo brunchwork membership ($450 value)
  • Member-only online group
  • Private office hours



  • 8-part syllabus
  • 16 live video sessions
  • 8 hands-on projects
  • 1 capstone portfolio
  • Expert guest workshops via 12-mo brunchwork membership ($720 value)
  • Member-only online group
  • 2 Private office hours

Your 6 or 12 month membership includes unlimited ‘brunchwork at home’ workshops, warm speaker intros, guest passes, a Member Directory and more.

Unlimited access to brunchwork at home


Personalized intros to industry leaders


Video content library of past events


Media spotlights of members


Unlimited guest passes


Member directory


Online group


Reimbursement & Certification

Most companies will cover 100% of the cost. Your benefits package likely includes an annual learning stipend. Ask HR or coordinate with your boss. Grab our outreach template here.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a verified certificate of participation.


Our team has been studying and teaching business, with a focus on influence and networking, for the last 15 years collectively.

And, we’re equally focused on the applications of behavior science – specifically what causes people to engage and connect. Our Business Intensive is a transformative experience, designed to meaningfully connect you with the material, your classmates and the broader business/tech ecosystem.

Meet your curators for the January 23 and March 20 cohort: our co-founders.

Jon Levy

Behaviorist & author

Jon is a behavioral scientist, superconnector, and author, best known for his work in the fields of influence and community/customer engagement. Jon is affiliated with C-Lab and specializes in applying research to transform the ways companies approach marketing, sales, consumer engagement, and product development. Jon founded The Influencers and brunchwork. Watch his TED Talk.

Paulina Karpis

Creator of co-learning

Paulina is the cofounder of brunchwork and creator of the co-learning model of education. Read her popular Forbes piece on the future of business education.

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We interviewed thousands of top business leaders, over several years, to build this curriculum. You will engage with industry experts via your brunchwork membership.

You can explore our upcoming speakers here. Past speakers have included:

Andrew Yang

2020 Presidential Candidate

Alana Mayo

Outliers Society Head of Production

Howard Morgan

First Round Capital cofounder

Sallie Krawchek

Ellevest cofounder

Trevor Blackwell

Y Combinator cofounder

Mike Maples Jr

Floodgate Partner

Aaron Bay Schuck

Warner Bros Records CEO

Arlan Hamilton

Backstage Capital founder

Lo Bosworth

Love Wellness founder

Graham Stanton

Peloton cofounder

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Request Syllabus