Annual Plan Template: McKinsey Slides

By: brunchwork

Annual Plan Template: McKinsey Slides

Annual planning is an essential aspect of company building. A well-formulated plan sets the overall direction for your company and creates alignment among your team.

Early in the New Year, you are likely polishing off your annual plan. We’re certainly doing that at brunchwork.

We’re sharing our annual plan templates. These templates are part of a more robust planning process that we use at brunchwork.

Our templates consist of four PowerPoint slides in the style of typical McKinsey slides. Since not everyone is familiar with the elite consulting toolkit, we thought it would be helpful to share.

The templates are downloadable. Easily tailor the slides to your company’s business lines, strategic objectives, and KPIs.


Get the McKinsey Slide templates, for free.

    Annual Plan Template: McKinsey Slides Preview

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    Annual Plan Template: Updates

    Be prepared to scrap your annual plan at any moment. The business world can be unpredictable and moves at a breakneck speed. Your business must be flexible and fluid enough to adjust to any disruption.

    At brunchwork, we have always supplemented our annual plans with quarterly plans. After the pandemic, we went even more granular, creating monthly and weekly plan templates.

    If you download our annual plan template, you can adjust the slides for your quarterly, monthly and even weekly goals!

    Consulting Toolkit

    In our 2-Month Business Intensive, we cover the consulting toolkit. We have a robust Strategy section in our 8-part curriculum. The seven other sections are: Finance, Customer Research, Brand, Marketing, Sales, Communication/Presentation, Web Development.

    As part of your culminating project, at the end of the Intensive, you will make a business presentation using McKinsey caliber slide templates.


    Get the McKinsey Slide templates, for free.