Convince Your Boss

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  • Hi [Manager Name]

    I just come across a continuing education opportunity that I'm excited about.

    brunchwork (CNBC, Forbes) hosts weekly events for professionals to learn from the world's top business, tech and creative leaders. Many companies sponsor their employee's monthly memberships, and I would love for [Organization Name] to invest in my continuing education.

    Membership would benefit our company through:

    Quality connections: The best connections are made by networking face to face. Through my brunchwork membership, I’ll have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and influencers. This could lead to valuable partnerships for [Organization Name].

    Top-notch education: brunchwork is a great opportunity for me to gather market insights, get a feel for industry trends, and share that knowledge with our team. brunchwork’s educational program will also improve my professional skills from public speaking to negotiating. This will allow me to grow into a stronger leader at [Organization Name].

    You can learn more about the program here, or I’d be happy to answer any questions. I hope you’ll consider and approve my request to participate.