3 DTC Marketing Strategies

By: brunchwork

3 DTC Marketing Strategies

The DTC landscape has changed in the last few years. Due to rising digital ad costs, it’s harder than ever to reach customers!

Grow your DTC brand with our 3 marketing strategies.

1) Take control of your digital identity. Your website is the front door to your DTC brand. Tell your customers who you are and why they should care, and keep that messaging consistent across all channels.

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    Your website domain is a great first step in building your digital identity. You can use a TrueName domain as a differentiator because it allows you to use meaningful words to the left and right of the dot.

    As an example, the founders of aperitif brand Haus came across the domain name, “Drink.Haus,” and immediately said, “Yes, that’s the domain!” Now a venture-backed brand, their domain has become an essential brand touchpoint and powerful call to action.

    2) Diversify your marketing channels because of rising digital ad costs.

    Alternative marketing channels can prove to be more sustainable! Increasingly, DTC brands are leaning into content marketing and SEO.

    Include keywords to the left and right of the dot in your domain name to strengthen SEO. BBB Motorcycle Adventures uses a keyword rich domain name, “,” to capture search traffic. Their business landed on the first page of Google because they added “tours” to their URL.

    3) Deliver an omni-channel experience. Before Covid, DTC brands expanded into the traditional retail space with pop-up shops and storefronts. They created unique in-person experiences to reflect their online-first brand.

    As the world reopens, omni-channel experiences can deepen your customer connection and drive growth. Just remember to stay consistent across all touchpoints!

    Online clothing brand Reformation revitalized the in-person shopping experience with a minimalist layout and modern dressing rooms equipped with advanced tech, like touch screens for picking out clothes to try on.

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