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The Influencer Marketing Factory CEO Alessandro Bogliari Shares 5 Strategies

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The Influencer Marketing Factory CEO Alessandro Bogliari Shares 5 Strategies

Alessandro Bogliari is the cofounder and CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, a data-driven agency that helps companies increase brand and sales on social media.

Alessandro built a global top-tier agency without external funding and helps brands such as Google, SONY Music, GrubHub, SnapChat and Bumble reach Gen Z and Millennials audiences. Because of his expertise in the field, he has been cited by magazines such as TIME, Forbes, AdWeek, The Verge and BBC.

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    5 Influencer Marketing Strategies

    1. Influencer marketing can mean huge opportunities for exposure. But, how do you gauge whether an influencer campaign is successful?

    •Define your KPIs: What is it you want to achieve with the campaign? Is the goal to get more downloads, signups, shares, etc.?

    •Track ROI with unique influencer links: There are numerous tools like bitly and PixelMe to create unique links for each influencer and boost your targeting.

    Remember, influencer campaigns are no different than any other marketing or advertising campaign. Careful analysis of user retention, signups, etc. is a must to help you understand how and when to adjust your strategy.

    2. Get historical data from influencers. If you want to better understand which influencers will actually be able to convert their followers to your followers, you need to see their track record. Ask them if they have worked on similar projects and if they have data on the success of that program.

    Don’t rely just on what the influencer says. Use both influencer and public data (try HypeAuditor) to see the big picture of success!

    3. Approaching an influencer is not always straightforward. There is no specific formula for reaching out to influencers. Some are on influencer marketing platforms, others use agents, and some handle everything themselves.

    Send out email campaigns using automated tools to help you gauge interest. If no reply, send them a DM on the platform. But, be careful not to push too hard too quickly as this will have the opposite effect.

    4. Influencers are running a business. Be prepared to have a budget ready to present to them when you reach out. Be respectful in negotiations and of their time.

    5. TikTok is one of the hottest platforms right now. Snapchat reach is one-to-one. Instagram reach is one-to-many. But, TikTok is one-to-many-to-many. One major advantage over other social platforms is the popularity of remixing content and user challenges.

    TikTok has so many different layers and opportunities for organic reach. Learn how to harness the power of user-generated content to yield the greatest ROI.

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