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3 Best Strategy Courses For Elevating Your Business Career

By: brunchwork

3 Best Strategy Courses For Elevating Your Business Career

3 Best Strategy Courses

1. brunchwork Business Intensive
2. Arlan’s Academy
3. Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership

Now is a great time to enroll in a business strategy course!

A business strategy course is cheaper and more effective than a traditional MBA. While traditional MBAs from a top 25 school can set you back nearly $200,000, business strategy courses cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Furthermore, business strategy courses offer the kind of practical training that aspiring executives need to do their jobs better. Traditional MBA programs are less applicable in real-world business situations.

Invest in yourself by enrolling in a strategy course. They are affordable, flexible, actionable and rooted in real-world experience.

3 Best Strategy Courses

1. brunchwork Business Intensive (For Hands-On Learners!)

brunchwork Business Intensive, at a glance:

    Length: 2 months + alumni programming
    Format: Online
    Price: Starting at $1,349

Do you want to build a comprehensive strategy and business skill set? Is networking and career support really important to you? Good news: The brunchwork Business Intensive teaches core business skills while also building your network.

In this two-month course, you’ll complete hands-on projects, including: creating a McKinsey-caliber presentation, analyzing financial reports, developing a business strategy, crafting a marketing and sales plan, conducting user interviews, and more.

There are also weekly guest speakers such as former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, PayPal Founding COO David Sacks, Ellevest Cofounder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck, and Peloton Cofounder Graham Stanton.

Furthermore, we eschew the traditional sit-and-listen lecture format of many online courses and 100% active learning, the Business Intensive is a great way to transition from a passive consumer of business knowledge to an active business leader with a well-rounded skill set and network.

Get ahead in your career.

Learn from top business leaders, understand key trends and build your business acumen. Get intel and advice, for free.

    2. Arlan’s Academy (For Entrepreneurs)

    Arlan’s Academy, at a glance:

      Length: Flexible
      Format: Online
      Price: $40-$600 per course

    Arlan’s Academy is a black-owned, female-led online academy offering innovative lectures. New courses are uploaded weekly.

    The team at Arlan’s Academy provides courses both in bundles and in single-segment formats, giving students with busy schedules a flexible model from which to pick and choose.

    Arlan’s Academy employs a wide array of instructors on a diverse set of topics:

      • Raising capital for a new business
      • Public relations strategy
      • The importance of cash flow
      • The increasing proliferation of cryptocurrency
      • And more!

    For a fraction of the price of a graduate degree, you can learn directly from devoted entrepreneurs and add their unique strategies to your arsenal.

    3. Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership (For Casual Viewers)

    Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership, at a glance:

      Length: Self-paced
      Format: Online
      Price: $15/month

    Available for purchase on MasterClass, Bob Iger’s course on business strategy and leadership takes students into his inner monologue as former CEO of Disney. Iger guides students through his decision-making process in regards to successful acquisitions, brand expansions, compassionate leadership, and more.

    As a student, you can digest Bob Iger’s course at your own pace and let his indelible bits of wisdom really sink in. Whether you’re an exec looking to learn a little more from the greats or you’re a hobbyist with a passion for a true American success story, look no further than this course, Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership.

    There are few CEOs with Iger’s time-tested acumen. Another alternative to learning from Iger is reading his book, The Ride of a Lifetime.


    Take advantage of the down time and enroll in an online business strategy course. The online education marketplace is flourishing, so get in on the ground floor and sign up today!

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