Business Management Certificate: 6 Best Programs

by Ariel Smotrich


6 Best Business Management Certificate Programs:

1. Business Intensive

2. Cornell Business Management Essentials

3. University of Notre Dame Online Management

4. Harvard University Management Essentials

5. Rutgers Mini MBA: Business Essentials

6. McGill’s Mini MBA


Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to level up, getting a business management certificate is an excellent way to improve your business and management skills. 

With so many choices available, you may not know which one is best for you.

Your program choice depends on your current skills, occupation, budget, time commitment, and learning style.   

Below are the top business management certificate programs currently available. 


#1 Business Management Certificate Program For Business Professionals And Entrepreneurs:

Business Intensive at a glance:

• Length: 7 Weeks

• Format: Online

• Cost: Starting at $1,499

The Business Intensive certificate program covers business management in-depth and other business topics that are helpful for managers. 

The 7-week course teaches eight core business skills, including management, leadership, marketing, branding, sales, and web development.   

It also provides excellent networking opportunities. 

The course is full of hands-on projects, so you will:

• Analyze financial reports and models

• Present a McKinsey-caliber deck

• Conduct user interviews

• Develop and test a business strategy

• Run a market sizing, revenue growth, and competitor analysis

There are live weekly guest speakers. Past guest speakers include Andrew Yang, PayPal Founding COO David Sacks, Ellevest Cofounder, CEO Sallie Krawcheck, product gurus Jackie Bavaro, and Gayle Laakman Mcdowell, and Peloton Cofounder Graham Stanton.

The Business Intensive is designed to teach business management students to become active business leaders. Forbes and named the course the best online business course.


#2 Business Management Certificate Program For New Managers:

Cornell Business Management Essentials at a glance:

• Length: 3 Months

• Format: Online

• Cost: $3,600

Cornell’s Business Management Essentials 3 month course offers an overview of critical management and business topics. The online certificate is broken down into six two-week periods. The certificate program covers finance and accounting principles, marketing fundamentals, strategic business planning, forecasting, managing organizations, leading without authority, and navigating the global business landscape.  

After completing the course, students will define an organizational vision, establish strategic business goals, set motivation strategies for employees, and analyze financial statements to make informed business decisions. 


#3 Business Management Certificate Program For Corporate Managers:

University of Notre Dame Online Management at a glance:

• Length: 4 Months

• Format: Online

• Cost: $2,500

University of Notre Dame’s certificate program is a four-month course that focuses on management foundations and teaches critical skills all corporate managers need to succeed. 

The course has two eight-week sections. It covers prioritization and accountability, ethical implications of decision making, managing a diverse workplace, and interpersonal communication. 


#4 Business Management Certificate Program For Seasoned Managers:

Harvard University Management Essentials at a glance: 

• Length: 8 weeks

• Format: Online

• Cost: $1,600

Harvard University’s Management Essentials certificate program is an excellent course for seasoned managers looking to improve their skills by studying and discussing management case studies. 

Harvard’s eight-week course covers critical management case studies such as the 2010 Chilean Mining Rescue, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Leading Change at Fuerte Construction. It improves your ability to influence decision-making at top organizations and implement management strategies on time and within budget. 


#5 Business Management Certificate Program For Corporate Managers: 

Rutgers Mini MBA: Business Essentials at a glance: 

• Length: 12 Weeks 

• Format: Online 

• Cost: $3495

Rutgers offers a variety of Mini MBA specializations. However, their business essentials course is best for corporate and mid-level managers looking to implement new and innovative strategies for their organization. 

The course covers business innovation, supply chain management, financial statement analysis, economics, sales strategies, and corporate governance. After completing the course, you will have a solid foundation in the business practices needed to excel in a corporate environment.   


#6 Business Management Certificate Program For Professionals Transitioning Into Management Roles:

McGill’s Mini MBA at a glance:

• Length: 3-4 Months

• Format: Online and in-person

• Cost: Starting at $4,895

McGill’s Mini MBA management certificate program offers three different business programs that build off each other. The offerings are the executive development course (EDC), the advanced management course (AMC), and the integrated management thinking course (IMT)

McGill students will study managerial solutions and negotiations, accounting, finance, and human resource management. After completing the course, you will be able to streamline the management process and set meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) and goals for your organization. You will also communicate and implement critical business frameworks and strategies.   


What Are The Admissions Requirements For A Business Management Certificate? 

Business management certificates offer a significant advantage because they do not require pre-requisites before joining. 

Instead, they accept students from various backgrounds and then sort them into different cohorts based on their work experience and interest. 

Certificate programs do not require students to take graduate entrance exams like the GMAT or GRE. Additionally, they don’t have minimum GPA requirements. 

Stand out with your application by showing how you will add to your cohort and a clear understanding of what you’re looking to gain from the program. 


What Can You Do With A Business Management Certificate? 

Students with a certificate in business management will have strong general business skills and will be able to take on management positions in various industries.  

Most students who complete their certificate use their new skills to get a better job in their current field or move into a management position in an area of their choice. 

Additionally, some students use certificate programs to help them start their own businesses or enroll in a startup accelerator program such as Y Combinator.  


What Are Some Business Management Certificate Jobs? 

A business management certificate can provide you with the skillset necessary to take on jobs as a marketing manager, a general manager, an operations manager, or a human resource manager. 

The average salary for a mid-level manager in the United States is $75,246 per year. 

You can leverage your certificate to move up into a more advanced management position or even a leadership role in your company. 


Is A Business Management Certificate Suitable For Me?

A business management certificate is an excellent choice for working professionals who want to improve their business knowledge in a short amount of time. 

A significant benefit is they allow you to keep your full-time position while pursuing your education. You also don’t have to worry about pre-requisites or an extensive application process. 

Some certificate programs, such as brunchwork’s Business Intensive, also provide students with a network of leaders who can mentor you and help you find the management role that best fits your strengths and career goals.  

If you want to switch to a management position or gain practical business skills, a business management certificate is an excellent choice.