3 Affordable Online MBA Programs, No GMAT Required

by Ariel Smotrich

Considering an affordable online MBA program with no GMAT requirement?

Smart choice. Continuing your business education is an excellent way to advance your career. Learning about finance, marketing, management, and modern technology methods can make you more innovative in your approach to business.

Affordable online MBA programs make more sense than a traditional $200k MBA!

Your best option for an affordable online MBA program, with no GMAT required, is a micro MBA. Micro MBAs provide the same business knowledge as a traditional MBA in less time, but are more flexible and affordable.

Here are three of the best affordable online MBA program no GMAT:

#1 Affordable Online MBA Program, No GMAT

For Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs: Business Intensive

Business Intensive at a glance:

• Length: 7 Weeks

• Format: Online

• Cost: Starting at $1,499

The 7-week course teaches 8 core business skills including: finance, pricing, sales, branding and marketing. It also provides great networking opportunities.

Students will finish hands-on projects including:

• Develop and test a business strategy

• Pitch a business idea

• Run a market sizing, revenue growth and competitor analysis

• Conduct user interviews

• Analyze financial reports and models

• Develop and execute a marketing and sales plan

• Build a no-code website

There are live weekly guest speakers. Past guest speakers include: Andrew Yang, PayPal Founding COO David Sacks, Ellevest Cofounder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck, product gurus Jackie Bavaro and Gayle Laakman Mcdowell, and Peloton Cofounder Graham Stanton.

The Business Intensive is designed to teach students to become active business leaders. The course was named by Forbes and intelligent.com as the best online business course

#2 Affordable Online MBA Program, No GMAT

For Advanced Managers: McGill 

McGill’s Mini MBA at a glance:

• Length: 3-4 Months

• Format: Online and in person

• Cost: Starting at $4,895

McGill offers three different business programs that build off of each other. The courses are specifically tailored to fit students’ current career needs. 

The offerings are the executive development course (EDC), the advanced management course (AMC), and the integrated management thinking course (IMT)

Topics for the courses include: marketing, accounting and finance, human resource management, strategic analysis, and managerial negotiations. Students can take one series or all three depending on their educational needs and the amount of time they’re willing to commit. Each program enhances students’ business skills, allowing them to shine in the industry of their choice.

#3 Affordable Online MBA Program, No GMAT

For Industry Specialization (Digital Marketing, Analytics and Healthcare): Rutgers

Rutgers MBA specializations at a glance: 

• Length: 12 Weeks

• Format: Online and in-person 

• Cost: Starting at $3495

Rutgers University Business School offers a variety of different micro MBA programs.  The certificate programs provide students with the necessary technical knowledge and skillset to move up in specific career paths. Programs include: Digital Marketing, Healthcare Management and Brand Development.

The courses keep students up to date with the latest innovations in a specialized business field. They can be used as a refresher or to provide students with the skillset to transfer into a different industry.  

What are the admissions requirements for affordable online MBA programs, with no GMAT?

Though admissions requirements vary depending on the program, students will get the most out of their education if they have previous work experience and some familiarity with modern business practices. 

Micro MBA programs accept students from a variety of backgrounds including: engineering, project management, human resources, operations, PR, marketing, and sales. 

When you send in your application make sure to include your reason for applying, what you intend to learn, how you will add to the class dynamic, and what your career aspirations are. 

Showing ambition will make you a more appealing candidate. Though standardized tests are not required, it is important to present your best self. Micro MBA programs have limited availability and they want to create the strongest and most diverse cohorts possible. 

What is the GMAT? Why do some MBA programs still require it? 

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a standardized business school entrance exam. The test covers four topics including: quantitative reasoning, integrated reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. It is scored numerically out of 800 possible points. The exam costs $250 at testing centers in the United States and takes three and a half hours.    

Certain MBA programs still require applicants to take the GMAT because they believe it is a good indicator of a candidate’s ability to handle the requirements of a rigorous MBA course load. While the exam has been around since the 1950s, there is a current debate amongst elite programs about whether or not the exam is necessary. Some recent test takers have found the exam to be “grotesquely biasedagainst minorities and women. Additionally, a recent University of Chicago study has shown that standardized tests are not the best indicator of success at the collegiate level.  

Most micro MBA courses do not require the GMAT exam because they believe it is important to take a more holistic approach to the application process. They also want students to focus less on beating standardized exams and more on developing their business and leadership skills. 

What can you do with an affordable online MBA program, no GMAT?

Micro MBAs provide you with the critical knowledge necessary to start your own business or move into management and leadership roles in top organizations. They are also a great way to stand out from your peers when applying for jobs.  

Micro MBAs, such as brunchwork’s Business Intensive, provide students with access to a strong network of leaders who can mentor you and help you find the role that fits with your strengths and career goals. Student success stories include: 6 figure promotions, top tier venture capital meetings, and 6 figure monthly revenue business launches.  

Is an affordable, online micro MBA right for me?

Micro MBAs are one of the fastest ways to improve your business knowledge and network. You shouldn’t have to waste time studying for the GMAT exam or taking classes that don’t directly apply to your career. Two to five years is too long to commit to an online MBA, especially because the value of a traditional MBA has gone down.   

Micro MBAs provide you with the tremendously valuable business information you’re looking for, in less time and for a more affordable price. If you want to expand your business knowledge and career opportunities, enrolling in an affordable micro MBA is a fantastic choice.