MBA Marketing: The 6 Best Programs

by Ariel Smotrich

6 Best MBA Marketing Programs:

1. Business Intensive 

2. Rutgers Digital Marketing Mini MBA 

3. Cornell Marketing Strategy 

4. Pepperdine Graziadio Business School 

5. Northwestern Kellogg School of Management 

6. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business 
If you’re interested in advancing your marketing career, you’re probably looking into MBA-caliber marketing programs. Excellent idea! 

The right program can improve your marketing skills and network to excel in the field. In addition, there are plenty of marketing specialization options, such as an MBA in digital marketing. 

Flexible MBA alternatives are also available if you want to improve your marketing skills and network with a shorter commitment.  

Therefore, it is essential to go over the top programs to pick the best one. Before applying, you need to understand how the program can boost your career prospects and salary. 

Here are six of the best programs currently available:  

6 Best Marketing Programs: Details

Part-Time Programs:

Part-time marketing programs are an excellent choice for working professionals looking to improve their marketing skills and network. 

#1 MBA Marketing Program For Business Professionals And Entrepreneurs (Online):

Business Intensive at a glance:

• Length: 7 Weeks

• Format: Online

• Cost: Starting at $1,499

The Business Intensive is a great business program for individuals looking to gain a wide range of skills in a short period. The course covers marketing in-depth and other business topics that are helpful for marketers. 

The 7-week course teaches 8 core business skills, including marketing, branding, sales, and web development.   

It also provides excellent networking opportunities. The course is full of hands-on projects, so you will:

• Develop and execute a marketing and sales plan

• Run a market sizing, revenue growth, and competitor analysis

• Develop and test a business strategy

• Pitch a business idea

• Conduct user interviews

• Analyze financial reports and models

• Build a no-code website

There are live weekly guest speakers. Past guest speakers include Andrew Yang, PayPal Founding COO David Sacks, Ellevest Cofounder, and CEO Sallie Krawcheck, product gurus Jackie Bavaro and Gayle Laakman Mcdowell, and Peloton Cofounder Graham Stanton.

The Business Intensive is designed to teach marketing students to become active business leaders. The course was named by Forbes and as the best online business course

#2 MBA Marketing Program For Digital Marketing Specialization (Online): 

Rutgers Digital Marketing Mini MBA  at a glance:

• Length: 12 Weeks

• Format: Online

• Cost: Starting at $3,495

Rutgers University Business School offers a variety of different mini MBA programs. Students looking to switch careers or a refresher course can take their online MBA in digital marketing program. Digital marketing is a rapidly advancing field, and the Rutgers program helps students understand current practices. Rutgers online MBA in digital marketing covers search engine marketing, social media marketing, smart marketing technologies, and content marketing. The program also teaches how to find exciting marketing opportunities and how to define digital marketing campaign success. 

#3 MBA Marketing Program For Marketing Managers And Entrepreneurs (Online): 

Cornell’s Marketing Strategy Program at a glance:

•Length: 3 Months

•Format: Online

• Cost: $3,600

Cornell’s online marketing strategy program is an MBA-level course. 

The online strategy program has six two-week courses. Topics include marketing strategy, market research, analysis, creating and communicating brand value, introduction to new products, distribution, and international marketing. 

Students learn how high-performing business leaders make decisions regarding their product, brand, services, customers, and competition. In addition, they will be able to apply their new skills to enhance their company’s direction and product line. 

MBA Marketing Classroom

Full-Time Programs: 

Full-time programs are too long and too expensive, but if you insist: here are three of the most well-regarded traditional MBA programs in marketing.

#4 MBA Marketing Program For Marketing Researchers And Product Developers (In Person):  

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School at a glance: 

• Length: 1-Year 

• Format: In Person   

• Cost: $101,880

Pepperdine’s one-year program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategy, development, and research. 

The MBA coursework is accelerated and completed in three consecutive trimesters over 12 months.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in business and three years of relevant marketing work experience. If you’re interested in improving your marketing skills through an experience-driven curriculum in highly specialized areas such as market research, this program may be for you.   

#5 MBA Marketing Program For Specialization In Customer Behavior And Marketing Analytics (In Person): 

Northwestern Kellogg School of Management at a glance:    

• Length: 1-Year 

• Format: In Person 

• Cost: $105,380  

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management’s program is the US News top-ranked full-time MBA in the United States. The program specializes in teaching strategic frameworks to create market disruptions. Kellogg provides a variety of exciting class choices such as behavioral marketing science, critical thinking in digital and social media marketing, retail analytics and pricing, and technology in the age of analytics. 

Kellogg applicants don’t need an undergraduate degree in business. Instead, non-business majors must take four pre-enrollment courses before being accepted. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants have prior business experience. If you’re interested in driving sustainable growth for your company or a large corporation, this program might be the right fit. 

#6 MBA Marketing Program For Specialization In Marketing Management, Entertainment Marketing And Operations Management (In Person):  

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business at a glance: 

• Length: 2-Years

• Format: In Person 

• Cost: $190,000

University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business offers two marketing specializations: marketing management and marketing, emphasizing operations management. The program is popular for general marketing management, management consulting, or media, and entertainment careers. 

The program offers specialty and experimental courses such as visual marketing and experiments for business decision-making. The program is highly selective. Applicants must take the GRE or GMAT exam, and accepted students have an average of 5 years of work experience. The Wharton marketing MBA is two years full-time, which may be too long to take away from your career.   

What Is An MBA Degree in Marketing Provide?

MBA degree programs are built for business professionals with some work experience looking to move into managerial marketing roles or start their own company. MBA programs combine classes in the creative and analytical fields of marketing with business fundamentals courses such as management and finance. 

Students can expect to study various critical marketing topics, including marketing analytics, marketing research, product & brand management, branding, market sizing, competitor analysis, digital strategy, and advertising. There are also MBAs with specialization options, such as an MBA in digital marketing. 

Due to the variety of choices available, you should pick the program that best fits your desired career. For example, excellent fast-track MBA programs, such as the Business Intensive, provide marketing and other core business courses in a shorter amount of time. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a specific marketing specialization, choose an extended program like Wharton’s Marketing and Operations Management MBA

What Does An MBA Marketing Career Entail?

Individuals with an MBA degree in marketing can work in various industries, such as consulting, technology, healthcare, financial services, media, and entertainment. 

The average salary for MBA graduates in marketing roles in the United States is $103,000 per year, a significant increase in salary prospects than a bachelor’s degree, $45,514

Individuals thinking about a marketing career should also consider the intangible benefits of a degree program. The enhanced business network increases your career prospects by providing more job options. 

MBA Vs. Master’s In Marketing

If you’re looking to get a graduate business degree in marketing, you may be wondering about the differences between an MBA degree in marketing vs. a master’s degree in marketing. The main difference is that the degrees are tailored to fit students with different levels of work experience.

An MBA is recommended for students with at least 4-5 years of previous work experience. In comparison, a master’s in marketing is recommended for students who have 1-2 years of work experience. 

The average age of marketing master’s students is between 21-25, whereas the average for MBA students is between 25 and 32.  

Marketing MBA students take a broader range of business courses in addition to marketing. However, most marketing master’s degrees focus solely on marketing classes, which causes the job opportunities to differ. For example, students with an MBA degree in marketing may seek employment as product managers, brand managers, and marketing managers. Comparatively, students with a master’s in marketing find jobs as marketing analysts and marketing coordinators. 

What Are The Admissions Requirements For An MBA In Marketing?

Admission requirements for MBA programs in marketing vary depending on the program. The significant advantage of a fast-track MBA is that they do not require students to take entrance exams such as the GMAT or any entrance courses and exams. If you’re interested in programs without GMAT, here are the: best affordable MBAs without a GMAT requirement.   

Before applying, make sure you fit the requirements and receive a solid return on your investment in terms of both time and money. Additionally, look at how well you will work with your future classmates. 

Is An MBA Program In Marketing Right For Me? 

MBA-caliber programs in marketing provide opportunities to expand your career in the marketing field. Students can use their degree and skills to land a high-paying marketing job or start their own company. 

Various marketing programs, both online and on-campus, are built to fit your interest, career goals, and budget.

The best option is often a fast-track MBA because they’re quicker, less expensive, and provide the same high-quality information you would find at a traditional marketing MBA program. However, the Business Intensive provides students with the best marketing skills and knowledge available on the market at an accelerated pace.